Separate But Equal

In 2011 Blackslash recorded their first EP, consisting of five self-composed songs. "Blackslash EP" sold out after only a few days and so the band decided to give the planning of their debut album their best shot. Authenticity, complexity and innovation provide the basis for the seven songs of "Separate But Equal".
So did this record turn out to be a conceptual album? Far from it!
There seem to be hardly any rules, structures or patterns when you listen to the songs.
This is not your typical pop music you can hear on the radio.
Expect the unexpected.
Blackslash is the quintessential of Heavy Metal in its purest form.
When you go to a concert and Blackslash is playing live on stage you might see this old, rancid metalhead sinking into nostalgia but you might also see two punks beating the shit out of each other in a circle pit on another occasion .
The influence of Oldschool Heavy Metal on the sound of Blackslash is their album's signature.
The galloping bass sounds like a tribute to Iron Maiden, two-part guitars accentuate the melodiousness of the songs and don't underestimate the power of the choruses.
All of this together results in a catchy 80s music revival that couldn't be more entertaining.
Recorded in a professional way as well as mixed and mastered at Cosmic Sound Studios in Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany, Blackslash are proud to present you record label 7hard's newest and most astounding discovery of 2013 which is "Separate But Equal".
These seven songs sum up to a 35 -minute heavy rock spectacle.
Love ballades, shredding super fast verses, break downs - everything a true metalhead desires.
Hundreds of fans have already sworn loyalty to Blackslash on the internet. Reason enough for them to reward their supporters with this record of music with deep-seated tradition.
This albums is a must-have for everyone with neck-long hair, a necessity for every owner of a patch vest, and for the guys that survived Hair Metal.
It is a must for EVERYBODY because Blackslash are young, a novelty of something that was believed dead and they do all this crazy stuff you wished to do when you were their age.
"Separate But Equal" - in stores November 2013

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